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Cultivate Better Connections!

With Bloom Contacts, you can now privately rate your contacts based on how much you like, trust, and respect them.

This means that you can focus your attention on the people who matter most to you.

Say goodbye to cluttered contact lists and hello to a more fun and effective way of prioritizing your relationships.

With just a few taps, you can easily rate your contacts to ensure that you are always focused on the people who you like, trust, and respect the most.

Current Release

8 (0.5.0)

Available for closed testing only.
Released on Feb 26, 2023
Supported Platforms: Android
Coming Soon: iOS

Download on Google Play
Note: If you have any issues, please fully uninstall and remove the previous version and install again.

Uninstall Instructions

Previous Releases

7 (0.4.0) 4 Feb 24, 2023

6 (0.3.0) 4 Feb 16, 2023

4 (0.2.0) 4 Feb 11, 2023

3 (0.2.0) 3 Feb 11, 2023

2 (0.2.0) 2 Feb 10, 2023

1 (0.1.0) 1 Feb 9, 2023

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